Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Go Shawty, It's Your Birthday

I was thinking about blogging something new today and saw that I had this little baby ready to go except for the writing.

I get so exhausted putting together all of the pictures that by the time it comes to writing about them I'm spent......................then I never blog again. So I'm just going to post it without in-depth explanations.

This was what we did for my Birthday (February). We went camping out by San Francisco, one of my favorite cities. :)

Our campsite was pretty lush.

Our fist time using our equipment and my Birthday "cake."

We did a hike and it was quite steep but lovely.
He's so great.
It was a bit cold at the top. This was the photo with the least blue lips.
We outlasted everyone.
So, a couple other things to mention, Dom got me yarn to start off the trip. We forgot our overnight bag and had to pick up a couple of toiletries on the way. We froze that night because we had no other clothes. A mole was climbing under our heads the whole night. We accidentally took the harder trail to the top of the mountain, however it was faster. One last thing, I had an amazing Birthday with my awesome husband. :)

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