Friday, March 27, 2009

He Is Completely Mine

This is how I begin the new chapter of my life, basically part two, as...completely Dominic's as he has vowed he is completely mine. The title of my blog was derived from the first line of my husband's vows to me. If you didn't already know, I just got married to the man I was made for. He is my match in every way and these past couple weeks have only solidified that feeling.

The wedding was on March 7th and it was brilliant. Elegant and gorgeous in my opinion. Let's start at the beginning of my day shall we? It started around 6am. I couldn't sleep and continued to bug one of my bridesmaids about how this was the "last time" that I would spend the night like this with her ever again. I used this "last time" line mainly to annoy her and it worked like a charm. After that I started the day, breakfast, shower, and a good luck from a stranger on my impending marriage. Then the fun began.....

My mother, myself and two bridesmaids went to get our nails done and then moved onto to my makeup. We were running a little late but what bride isn't late right? Next was hair. It was about this time that our lateness started to worry me even though the show couldn't go on without me. I pressed my family and friends to speed but warned them about the copious amounts of cops lurking around in Northern California, proved by my first speeding ticket received two days prior to my wedding. Once we finally got to the venue the fun really began. Pictures started immediately as me and the girls got dressed and ready.

The moment had finally arrived and I was told that it was time to see Dom. :) I walked out to the aisle while his back was turned toward me and once the photographer gave us the ok, he turned around. It was so great to see his huge smile and hug my very soon to be husband. After this we took all of our pictures, tons and tons of pictures. Once we started seeing more and more people coming we headed back inside until the ceremony began.

I watched from the side of the Inn as my little brother, the best man, and the groom sat all of the important women. Then my girls, the ring bearer and the flower girl made their way down. Then it was my turn, the big moment. I said, "I love you" to my dad before we began and then we walked down the aisle. I was a little nervous and was absolutely bursting with smiles but it seems like those decided to stay on the inside as my nerves took over my expression. I didn't notice this until I watched a video of it later. :) We finally made it to the end and that's when I became lost in another world with Dom. We joined hands and from then on no one else mattered. We exchanged our vows which were extremely emotional for me but I managed to spit them out nonetheless. I guess not many people could hear us so I decided to put them up here for you to enjoy.


To Dom

From the beginning you have been my source of light, my joy, my friend and the greatest gift that God has given me. Your compassion softens my edges and forgives my flaws, your strength and approach to life have changed my fears of the unknown to excitement for the opportunities that lay ahead, and your love and devotion have opened my eyes to the type of love that God has for us. I have learned so much from you and the fact that I can continue to do that fills me with a happiness that is incomparable and unfading. I want to encourage you like you have always encouraged me and never leave your side like you have never left mine. I love you with everything that I am and can't wait to walk through life holding your hand. :)

To Me

Candice, I am completely yours. You are beautiful to me in every way. Your smile makes my heart race, and I am overwhelmed by the depth of your love for me. You make me forget all my weaknesses and trials, and you help me to see the good that is in me.
You make me better. ;)
I don't know what our future holds. What good times and bad we'll have to go through. I don't know what pain or happiness lies ahead for us, but one thing I do know. I know that through it all, no matter what happens, I will be by your side to share in your laughter and your tears. There's no where I would rather be.
You are my best friend, my favorite person to spend time with, and spending the rest of my life with you is joy that I didn't think could be possible.
I love you with all that I am, and I will for the rest of my life.

This was the most special and important moment of my life! It was also my favorite part of the wedding. He had such a huge smile on his face the entire time he spoke to me and gave me a kiss that would have any woman never wanting to let go. We walked away as Mr. and Mrs. Parisi!

The reception was amazing, great food, beautiful ambiance, and lots of laughter. The speeches made me tear up a little and also made me crack up. The last line of Brooke's speech went something like this, "Marriage can be rough and it's full of its ups and downs but just try and keep it in the bedroom." I died laughing! Mindy's had some great quotes in it and some revealing information and Angelo went with the tasteful story that warmed your heart. I loved my bridal party!!! We then cut the cake and nicely placed the piece of cake into each others mouths but while no one was looking we smashed the second piece into the others face. :) Our dance was wonderful, full of smiles and I love yous but realizing we were married was the best part. Then came the rest of the dances. It was so much fun. A lot of people got up and joined in and seemed to be having a good time.

The bouquet toss was done to the song, "All My Single Ladies" by Beyonce and the flower girl caught it and the garter belt was retrieved to the Mission Impossible theme song. My little brother caught that....a little disturbing. Through out all the dancing Dom and I got a little tired and wanted to have a moment alone. We decided to take a little walk outside by ourselves and sit on a bench to take in the fact that it was our wedding day. I loved holding him and breathing him in as my husband. He is so precious to me. After about ten minutes we rejoined the party and continued to have a fantastic time. Our last dance was to, "Save The Last Dance For Me" by Michael Buble (thanks Lindsay) and then we ran through a line of our closest friends and family as they threw rose petals at us and wished us the best.

And so there you have it, the most important and amazing day of my life. I now share all my time with my adoring husband and can't thank God enough for bringing him into my life. :)


Mins said...

Yeah! I'm so happy for you and I loved your first post! Can't wait for more and more... now you don't have to stalk my sister and her kids through my blog. HA! Just kidding. Love you so much!!

Lindsay said...

CANDY! I am so excited you have a blog and we can keep up on the details of eachothers lives. I'm so happy that your day went so perfect. You will always remember that day and will probably never have that intense of a feeling again. Isn't it crazy when you two stop and realize that you are married? I remember how strange and wonderful that was. And let me tell you being married just gets better and better! Thanks for sharing your wedding day details. You are amazing and I am so happy for you both!! Love you!

Miss Liss said...

So excited to see you have a blog! I will for sure be an avid reader. :) Your wedding day sounded so special. I loved reading the vows! So sweet! I don't blame you for crying ... I would have two! Hope you're doing well!