Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sugar Badger

So I had this dream the other night about my husband and myself. It started out in a car and we were with my family and family friends. We were not even dating at the time, just friends but Dom had been in love with me for a long time (conceited I know but hey, I was unconscious) I was madly in love with him too but had a lot of fun just knowing he wanted to be with me and that he in particular felt that way about me but I wasn't ready to make a commitment so nothing was official between us (again unconscious).

Well, come to find out that he was tired of waiting, even though we both knew he still wanted to be with me, and started liking another girl. Some little blonde tart that I am pretty sure was a cheerleader and happened to look just like Hayden Panettiere (that girl from Heros). Of course after I found this out I was finally sure of my feelings for him and wanted to let him know, since now our potential perfect relationship was in trouble. So I told him I loved him, not to be dramatic or anything. This seemed to hurt him more than make him happy and he didn't respond. I am pretty sure it was because he was a little upset that I led him on for so long without doing anything even though I felt the exact same way as he did. Let's just say that reality Candice didn't blame dream Dom.

Dream Candice however decided to act desperate and stupid. For some reason I and my family and family friends met up with her and then went with him to the girl's house. It was just her and her mom and when we walked in her mom was in work out clothes, exercising on the Wii. She was playing some ridiculous dancing game that had really weird names for levels. The second we stepped through the door "Hayden" started to join in the game with her mom, no doubt to impress Dom, and started dancing like a lunatic. Once she was done she annouced that she made it to the Sugar Badger level. I was conviced that Dom would eventually see straight and realize that she had lost it and come back but the dream ended with me silently fuming at the girl while simultaneously feeling crushed at the thought of potentially losing Dom.

Weird right? I of course told Dom right away and he couldn't stop laughing and has now added "Sugar Badger" to his list of pet names and has thrown it out there a few times. Each time he gets in trouble but when his punishment is a kiss I don't think he learns his lesson.

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