Thursday, October 7, 2010

Too busy to stop being lazy

That's right ladies and gentlemen, I am still in my pajamas. I was taking Scramble out on his afternoon walk and I strolled around my apartment building wearing this little number:

I'm wearing pink, polka-dot, fleece pajama pants, with a bright red Awana shirt to match. I always hope that I don't run into anyone when I do this but it never fails, the second I come outside the whole neighborhood decided it's time to go to the store or sit out on their patios or just pop their heads out of their caves to inspect and I never let them down. I'm writing like this is some special occurrence when actually this happens quite often, really, I should blog about when I actually do leave the apartment in normal clothing before 5pm.

Anyway, I sort of have an excuse this time. I have been super busy this morning with work. Data entry, booking flights for co-workers and getting back to people who wrote me yesterday. So you see, none of these things required me getting ready for the day and all of them together did not allow me to even try. So, now that it's pushing 4pm I think that I shall change and freshen up, after all, I am about to leave the apartment again and I am hoping to shock the neighbors with a second dazzling appearance.


ED's Wife said...

There are so many mornings/afternoons/days I do just the same. Who wants to put jeans on first thing in the morning? Usually I put on warm-up pants or something, with the intention of working out, and then come dinner time, if I haven't had the need to go anywhere, I still haven't "gotten dressed". Oh well. It happens.

KnitNurd said...

Candice, you are stunning no matter what you wear! :=)