Sunday, August 11, 2013

House Work

It's almost been a year since I last posted so that was the motivation for this post today. You would think a lot may have happened in a year and I'm sure that it did but only one large thing comes to mind for us.......we bought a house.

Yes, this is not new information since the year anniversary is rapidly approaching for that too but I have never blogged about it and I shall explain why.

Also, just to forewarn you, no, I don't have a lot of pictures.

Anyway, we bought a lovely house built in 1989. I tell you this because everything was still from 1989 with minimal updates that only detracted from the house. Everything was in pretty good condition but everything needed updating.

We worked long and hard for about 5 months on major projects and then got burnt out and have just slowly been working on the rest. This my friends is why I have not blogged. The house has taken over my life and when it's not demanding my attention, all I want to do is sit, sit and appreciate not moving.

Here is a list of all the things we have done to the house that I can remember:

  • Painted EVERYTHING. 
  • Removed wall paper
  • Removed dry wall and replaced it
  • Re-textured walls*
  • Replaced toilets
  • Lined cabinets
  • Pulled up linolium
  • Jack hammered tile
  • Tiled 5 separate rooms
  • Roof repairs
  • Installed speakers
  • Changed almost every light in the house except vanity and dining room 
  • Replaced ALL outlets and switches
  • Took down an above ground pool
  • Re-hung fence gate
  • Installed all new appliances
  • Replaced guest shower*
  • Fixed stupid mistakes with guest shower
  • Fixed leak in master shower and replaced shower head*
  • Converted to gas*
  • Wall removal*
  • Removed flourescent lights in kitchen
  • Installed can lighting in kitchen and sitting room
  • Drilled through tile to install shower curtain
  • Replaced all carpet*
  • Replaced a pipe
  • Framed master bedroom windows
  • Re stacked fire wood
  • Replaced all hardware
I'm sure I have forgotten a lot but each one is a story within itself.  We are still working on small things now but a lot that's left are things that need some major saving up for, like new counter tops or vanities and unfortunately there are things that need doing now before those can happen, like a new AC/Heater unit.

It is all a blessing to have a home that we have made our own and the privacy and memories that allots us but man, our next house will require minimal work.

P.S. When things are closer to done I will take pictures.


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