Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Sled

I have this other post that I have been working on slowly that updates you all on my recent trips but I know if I keep waiting to finish it I'll never blog again. I'll just update you on what happened today and if I feel like telling the story of my business trip to San Francisco or vacation to Napa Valley, Monterey Bay, and Atherton, or my trip home this past week then I will later.

Today Dom and I went to the mall to buy "Our First Christmas Ornament" and the first house of the village I want to start collecting. We live about a mile from the mall, if that, and we decided that with the holiday traffic that we would just walk there. Well, today happens to be our third rainy day this week and we got soaked but it was great fun. We stopped at Starbucks on the way to enjoy some goodies and then headed out into heavier rain.

We found our ornament at Crate&Barrel! We looked at Macy's, Sears, JC Penny's, and Hallmark before we found it. It's a wooden sled with little red mitten's attached to it. I am so excited about it and about starting this new tradition. I don't think I'll let this tradition slip away from me because it involves shopping. Unfortunately, we didn't have such great luck with finding the village house. My mom owns a small village, one house will fit in your hand, and she has a whole collection. The place she got hers from is closed now and all the ones we saw are about the size of my head and they light up. They look adorable but I don't know where I will put them once the collection really gets going. I think that I am going to give in though and buy a Department 56 village house.

All in all, I had another great day with my husband, especially since this was all his idea. :)

P.S. "Fail" I forgot to put up pictures from my last post but it's been so long that I didn't want to dedicate this title to my failure. :)


ED's Wife said...

I have a Christmas village that goes on top of my piano every year (just like my mom!); mine grew quickly and now I don't know that I can really add to it though I want to. Mine all light up. The hardest part now is keeping the kiddos from rearranging all the figurines. Sounds like fun traditions that you are starting!

Lindsay said...

Cute idea with the ornament! I want to start doing that too...although out here I think we will have to get one at Walmart (HA!)

Oh and ps I LOVE your new layout....soooooo pretty :)