Saturday, September 4, 2010

I Remembered

So I did it, I remembered to take pictures at the game. It was quite a fun night. We thought we were going to be late since it was the last game of the regular season and traffic was gross but we made it right on time. We had awesome seats too, only ten rows away from the field. See:

I was all ready for the game too. I had my hat I told you about and I managed to find a baseball shirt to wear too, fitted and cute. I didn't go all out on the dolling up but my eyes were pretty dolled, unfortunately you can't see that very well. I didn't get anything free, even though they were giving away free stuff all night but my husband thought I was cute so score. Here's the hat:

Now buying food at games is ridiculous so I packed some contraband since you're not allowed to bring in food or drinks. I just put them in plastic bags and then put those in a make-up bag, so I was prepared when they made me open my purse to check for said contraband. Yum.

So the game was pretty interesting. The River Cats started out killing Vegas but about half way through the tables turned and then they just ended up getting spanked. Final score, 15-10. We lost. There were a ton of home runs and a great double play so all in all, good game.

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KnitNurd said...

What a cute couple!!! And your husband was right...the hat was adorable on you..glad you had such a fun time!!