Monday, April 13, 2009

Monday the 13th

I am trying to remember back to high school when you would look forward to the weekend after a long week in school but I am having a little trouble. My thought is that, yes the weekends were great and anticipated, but the week wasn't that bad (of course I didn't think that at the time but in retrospect). You spent the whole time with friends and got out fairly early in the day so the week wasn't a total loss. Then you moved on up to college, which was like a field day. The times you did have class and went were only for a few hours and then you had the rest of the day to do whatever you wanted. The weekend was just an extension of that freedom. Now it's a little different.

Weekends are my oasis after a week in the desert. OK, maybe it's not that bad but it's not like high school or college anymore that's for sure. Dom has a 9-5 job Mon. - Fri. and I miss him. I go with him about half the time just so that I can be around him and have internet but there is no ditching or socializing with friends. After work we have an hour long commute home and then we just unwind. By the time we have shook off the day of work, it's time for bed. I guess I just need to get used to the adult life but I now see why people have the Monday blues and look forward to the weekend so much.

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