Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 17: An Art Piece

My friend Kelsey made this for me. I LOVE it. She does great abstract art and I asked her to do a small piece for me once and she came up with this. It was pretty much my life at the time and then what she saw in the future. The yellow stripe represents me and the white is God. The small, vertical red line represents when I got saved. It's the only straight line for that reason. Then there is a sputter of yellow under the orange line, representing a sputtering out of an influence from my past (big answer to prayer). The orange stripe represents Dominic and how she predicted it would be me, Dom and God from then on I don't know, but she definitely got it right. She made this in 2007. Thank you so much Kelsey for my favorite piece of artwork. :)

I started this post at 5:25pm and so it shall remain. I did not mess up two days in a row. Denial runs very strong after midnight I've found.

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